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    星光璀璨 泰然于世
    sincere service, value creation
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    以科技为本 创新谋未来
    self-development professional services

Sino Talent International Holdings Ltd. is a high-tech company with independent research of semiconductor devices and sales, and technical services. It owns AT's own core brand. Shenzhen Advanced Science Technology (SAST) has many subsidiaries which work as sales and technology services organizations for them, such as Beijing Sizhong Electronic, Hangzhou Xiantuo Electronic, Dongguan Agretech, Nanjing Yanke, Hunan Agretech and Shanghai Agretech Electronic and so on.


The subsidiary吉锝芯microelectronicis a high-tech company specializing...

semiconductor discrete device

TVS、TSS、MOSFET、Schottky Diode


CS Standard、
CK Wide Temperature Standard、SC Low Leakage、CN Bipolar…


high-end residues、
chip fuses、wire wound fuse resistors、fuse resistors……



officially entered the mainland semiconductor device market

In 2015, Sino International Group Co., Ltd.'s semiconductor self-owned brand “AGERTECH ” officially entered the market of Continental's discrete semiconductor devices. Agertech insisted on relying on independent semiconductor chip research and development capabilities. The production plant has hundreds of the most advanced and excellent quality. And high-efficiency production systems and strict implementation of test and inspection standards, and constantly introduce high-performance products. With high-quality products and perfect technical services, the brand value-added value will bring more high-quality and reasonably priced products to customers, and output more cost-effective products for customers.


Advantage Analysis

1.100% test of all products & stable quality. 2.Advanced testing equipment & regular reliability testing. 3.Rich product number & serialization 4.Price advantage in the same industry of the same model. 5.Fast delivery. (About a week for conventional product.) 6.Professional FAE team. 7.Strong development ability. 8.High client cooperation. 9.Professional technical service team. 10.Strong own development capability. Sino can develop chips that what ability the customer want rapidly in order to satisfy the requirements of customers upgrading and quickly provide support for new development programs.